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Carhart, Gary W.

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Carhart, G.W.


Beresnev, Leonid A.;   Campbell, David;   Cauwenberghs, Gert;   Cohen, Marc H.;   Dayton, David C.;   Edwards, R. Timothy;   Gonglewski, John D.;   Gruneisen, Mark T.;   Justh, Eric W.;   Restaino, Sergio R.;   Tyson, Robert K.;   Vorontsov, Mikhail A.

Publication Titles

1999: Adaptive wavefront correction using a VLSI implementation of the parallel gradient descent algorithm
1999: Adaptive wavefront correction: a hybrid VLSI/optical system implementing parallel stochastic gradient descent
2000: Optoelectronic Zernike filter for high-resolution wavefront analysis using phase-only liquid crystal spatial light modulator
2002: Dual frequency nematic liquid-crystal spatial light modulator with modulation depth 0-2pi and operation rate in hundreds Hz region

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