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Cao, Jianshu

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Cao, J.


Berne, B.J.;   Chen, Sow-Hsin;   Chen, Wei-Ren;   Gutman, Lorin;   Liu, Yun;   Swager, Timothy M.;   Thomas, Edwin L.;   Witkoskie, James B.;   Wu, Jianlan;   Yang, Shilong

Publication Titles

1993: Theory of polarizable liquid crystals: optical birefringence
2002: Brownian motion in dynamically disordered media
2003: Gaussian factorization of hydrodynamic correlation functions and mode-coupling memory kernels
2004: Orientational ordering of short LC rods in an anisotropic liquid crystalline polymer glass
2004: Scaling and universality of inherent structure simulations
2004: Structural arrest transitions in fluids described by two Yukawa potentials
2005: Phase and orientational ordering of ABA tri-block co-polymers guest in a quenched host of low molecular weight rod molecules


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