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Cametti, C.


Bonincontro, A.;   Bordi, F.;   Chen, S.-H.;   Codastefano, P.;   D'Ilario, A.;   Di Biasio, A.;   Gili, T.;   La Mesa, C.;   Macri, M.A.;   Maraviglia, B.;   Pachi', A.;   Rouch, J.;   Sennato, S.;   Sesta, B.;   Sorio, P.;   Tartaglia, P.;   Viscomi, D.;   Zimatore, G.;   de Luca, F.

Publication Titles

1985: Low-frequency dielectric study of the pretransition region in DPL-water model membrane
1988: Audio to microwave frequency dielectric study of the pretransition region in DPL-water systems
1988: Hydration properties of lyotropic mesophases in para-nonylphenol decaoxyethylene glycol-water mixtures
1990: The ripple phase in a DMPC-water mixture. A dielectric investigation
1993: Phase behavior of dense, three-component, ionic microemulsions and electrical conductivity in the lamellar phase
1996: Use of low-frequency electrical impedance measurements to determine phospholipid content in amniotic fluid
2002: Electrical conductivity of aqueous polyelectrolyte solutions in the presence of counterion condensation: The scaling approach revisited
2003: Electrical conductivity of polyelectrolyte solutions in the presence of added salt: The role of the solvent quality factor in light of a scaling approach
2007: Polyion-induced liposomal vesicle aggregation: A radiowave dielectric relaxation study
2008: Polyion-induced aggregation of oppositely charged liposomes and charged colloidal particles: The many facets of complex formation in low-density colloidal systems


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