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Caliebe, W.


Barois, P.;   Cady, A.;   Chuang, C.;   Cluzeau, P.;   Ema, K.;   Fernandes, P.;   Gleeson, H.;   Gleeson, H.F.;   Goodby, J.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Han, X.F.;   Herbert, M.R.;   Hird, M.;   Hirst, L.S.;   Hsu, C.-S.;   Huang, C.C.;   Johnson, P.M.;   Levelut, Anne-Marie;   Liu, Z.Q.;   Matkin, L.;   Matkin, L.S.;   McCoy, B.K.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Nguyen, Huu Tinh;   Pindak, R.;   Pitney, J.;   Pitney, J.A.;   Pollmann, J.;   Seed, A.;   Srajer, G.;   Takekoshi, K.;   Wang, S.T.;   Wang, Shun;   Watson, S.;   Watson, S.J.;   Weissflog, W.;   Wiessflot, W.;   Yao, H.

Publication Titles

2001: Orientational ordering in the chiral smectic-C*F12 liquid crystal phase determined by resonant polarized x-ray diffraction
2002: Resonant X-Ray Studies of Orientational Order in Chiral Smectic C Subphases and Phases Exhibited by Achiral Bent-Core Molecules
2002: Resonant X-ray scattering studies of the B2 phase formed by bent-core molecules
2002: Structural Studies of Liquid Crystal Resonant X-ray Methods
2002: nterlayer structures of the chiral smectic liquid crystal phases revealed by resonant x-ray scattering
2004: Experimental investigations of one liquid-crystal compound exhibiting the no-layer-shrinkage effect near the Sm-A-Sm-C* transition
2004: Optical, resonant X-ray scattering, and calorimetric investigations of two liquid crystal compounds exhibiting the SmA-SmCa*-SmC* transitions
2006: Optical and Resonant X-Ray Diffraction Studies Confirm a SmCFI2*-SmC* Liquid Crystal Phase Sequence Reversal
2007: Polarization Studies of Resonant Forbidden Reflections in Liquid Crystals
2007: Unique Pitch Evolution in the Smectic-Ca* Phase


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