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Bushby, Richard J.

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Bushby, R.J.;   Bushby, Richard;   Bushby, Richard James


Abeysekera, Rukmal;   Arikainen, Ekaterina O.;   Bissell, Richard A.;   Boden, N.;   Boden, Neville;   Borner, R.C.;   Borner, Ruth C.;   Bramble, Jonathan P.;   Brown, Sarah;   Bunning, Jason C.;   Burgess, Andrew;   Bushby, R.J.;   Caillet, Celine;   Cammidge, A.N.;   Cammidge, Andrew N.;   Cheng, Yaling;   Clark, Leslie D.;   Clarkson, Steve;   Clements, J.;   Clements, Jonathan;   Cook, Michael J.;   Cooke, Graeme;   Critchley, Kevin;   Donovan, K.;   Donovan, Kevin J.;   Ducker, Robert;   Duckworth, Sarah;   Edwards, Patrick J.;   Eichhorn, Holger;   El-Mansoury, Ahmed;   Evans, Stephen D.;   Fisher, Julie;   Fishwick, Colin W.G.;   Gidalevitz, David;   Haarer, Dietrich;   Hamley, Ian W.;   Hanna, Junichi;   Hart, Simon P.;   Headdock, Gareth;   Heath, Sarah L.;   Heiney, Paul A.;   Henderson, Philippe;   Hentschke, Reinhard;   Holland, Edward;   Holt, Lucy A.;   Hubbard, John F.;   Hughes, Rhian E.;   Iino, Hiroaki;   Jesudason, M.V.;   Kaushal, Neetu;   Kilner, Colin A.;   Knowles, Peter F.;   Kreouzis, T.;   Kreouzis, Theo;   Kumar, Sandeep;   Lange, Stephan;   Leggett, Graham J.;   Liu, Quanying;   Lozman, Owen;   Lozman, Owen R.;   Lu, Zhi-Bao;   Luo, Rong;   Lydon, John E.;   Marsh, Andrew;   Martin, Philip S.;   Mason, Lee;   McCauley, John P.;   McLaren, Sholto;   McLaren, Sholto R.;   McNeill, Andrew;   Mills, Bob;   Mindyuk, Oksana Y.;   Movaghar, B.;   Movaghar, Bijan;   Ocko, Benjamin M.;   Owens, Robert W.;   Radhi, Abdulla;   Ringsdorf, Helmut;   Robardes, Anthony W.;   Robards, Anthony W.;   Scott, Ken;   Seeley, Gordon;   Smith, Amos B.;   Smith, D. Alastair;   Strzalka, Joseph;   Takayashiki, Yukiko;   Taylor, Norman;   Thornton-Pett, Mark A.;   Ungar, Goran;   Vanderstraeten, Petra;   Vinter, Jeremy G.;   Whitaker, Benjamin J.;   Wood, Andrew;   Zhang, Lixin

Publication Titles

1984: Assignment of the deuterium quadrupolar splittings for the end-chain of 4-cyano-4'-octylbiphenyl in the nematic phase: a test between theoretical models for end-chain conformational motion and orientational ordering
1994: A model for isotropic, nematic, and columnar ordering in a self-assembling system-comparison with the phase behavior of 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexa(1,4,7-trioxaoctyl)triphenylene in water
1994: A quick-and-easy route to unsymmetrically substituted derivatives of triphenylene: preparation of polymeric discotic liquid crystals
1994: First Observation of a n-Doped Quasi-One-Dimensional Electronically-Conducting Discotic Liquid Crystal
1995: Characterization of the cationic species formed in p-doped discotic liquid crystals
1995: Effects of side-chain length on the charge transport properties of discotic liquid crystals and their implications for the transport mechanism
1995: Functionalization of triphenylene based discotic liquid crystals
1995: Glass-forming discotic liquid-crystalline oligomers
1995: Novel discotic liquid crystals created by electrophilic aromatic substitution
1995: Transient photoconductivity and dark conductivity in discotic liquid crystals
1995: Triphenylene-Based Discotic-Liquid-Crystalline Polymers: A Universal, Rational Synthesis
1995: Versatile synthesis of unsymmetrically substituted triphenylenes
1997: .alpha.-Halogenation of triphenylene-based discotic liquid crystals: towards a chiral nucleus
1997: Modulating the phase behavior of lyotropic discotic liquid crystals by incorporation of an electron acceptor
1997: Structure of Discotic Liquid Crystalline Compounds at the Air-Water Interface
1998: Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Characterization of Fluid Lipid Bilayers Tethered to Solid Supports
1998: Charge dynamics and recombination kinetics in columnar discotic liquid crystals
1998: Novel synthesis of calamitic and discotic liquid crystalline derivatives of tetrathiafulvalene (TTF)
1998: Synthesis and structural features of discotic liquid crystals
1999: Device applications of charge transport in discotic liquid crystals
1999: Discotic liquid crystalline block copolymers 1: side-chain discotic liquid crystalline diblock copolymers
1999: Discotic liquid crystalline block copolymers 2: main-chain discotic liquid crystalline diblock and triblock copolymers
1999: The creation of long-lasting glassy columnar discotic liquid crystals using 'dimeric' discogens
1999: Triphenylene-Based Discotic Liquid Crystals as Self-Assembled Monolayers
2000: Complimentary polytopic interactions
2000: Synthesis and characterization of tetrathiafulvalenyl- and ferrocenyl-triphenylenes
2000: Synthesis of liquid crystalline anthraquinolyl-triphenylenes
2001: CPI (complementary polytopic interaction) stabilized liquid crystal compounds formed by esters of 2-hydroxy-3,6,7,10,11-pentakis(hexyloxy)triphenylene
2001: CPI induction of liquid crystal behaviour in triphenylenes with a mixture of hydrophobic and hydrophilic side chains
2001: CPI: A Recipe for Improving Applicable Properties of Discotic Liquid Crystals
2001: Enhanced charge conduction in discotic liquid crystals.
2001: Syntheses of new 'large core' discogens based on the triphenylene, azatriphenylene and hexabenztrinaphthylene nuclei
2002: Advances in the Synthesis of Functionalised Derivatives of Hexaalkoxytriphenylenes
2002: CPI Discotic Liquid Crystals - Better Systems by Design
2002: Discotic Liquid Crystalline Tri-Block Copolymers: Interplay of Liquid Crystal and Phase Separated Structures
2002: Discotic Liquid Crystals as Molecular Wire Interconnects in 3D Stacked Computer Chips
2002: Discotic liquid crystals 25 years on
2002: Exciton Dynamics in a One-Dimensional Self-Assembling Lyotropic Discotic Liquid Crystal
2002: Photoconducting liquid crystals
2002: Tetrathiafulvalene Based Discotic Liquid Crystals
2002: The Application of Cyclic Voltammetry to the Investigation of Redox Properties of Discotic Liquid Crystals
2003: Discotic Liquid Crystalline Triblock Copolymers: Interplay of Liquid Crystal Architecture with Microphase Separation
2003: Helical geometry and liquid crystalline properties of 2,3,6,7,10,11-hexaalkoxy-1-nitrotriphenylenes.
2003: Photoconducting discotic liquid crystals
2005: Fast Ambipolar Carrier Transport and Easy Homeotropic Alignment in a Metal-Free Phthalocyanine Derivative
2005: Fast electron transport in discotic liquid crystalline semiconductors
2005: High electron mobility of 0.1 cm2 V1 s1 in the highly ordered columnar phase of hexahexylthiotriphenylene
2005: Self-assembled columns of fullerene
2005: Very high time-of-flight mobility in the columnar phases of a discotic liquid crystal
2006: Fast Electron Transport in Discotic Columnar Phases of Triphenylene Derivatives
2006: Hopping conduction in the columnar liquid crystal phase of a dipolar discogen
2006: The stability of columns comprising alternating triphenylene and hexaphenyltriphenylene molecules: variations in the structure of the hexaphenyltriphenylene component
2006: The synthesis of triphenylene-based discotic mesogens New and improved routes
2007: Photo-deprotection patterning of self-assembled monolayers
2008: A 106-fold enhancement in the conductivity of a discotic liquid crystal doped with only 1% (w/w) gold nanoparticles


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