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Burnell, E.E.


Angelini, Giancarlo;   Bates, G.S.;   Beckmann, Peter A.;   Bender, Bruce R.;   Berardi, Roberto;   Bloom, Myer;   Burlinson, Nicholas E.;   Campbell, Christopher J.;   Capitani, Donatella;   Chadrakumar, T.;   Chandrakumar, T.;   Danilovic, Zorana;   Dong, Ronald Y.;   Eriksson, Per Olof;   Hembre, Robert T.;   Kuo, An-Li;   Li, Kevin Yuzheng;   Li, Yuzheng;   Lindblom, Göran;   Lounila, Juhani;   Meerts, W. Leo;   Norton, Jack R.;   Pau, Monita Y.-M.;   Polson, James M.;   Roeder, Stephen B.W.;   Smith, Lee;   Sokolovskii, R.O.;   Sun, Zheng-Min;   Syvitski, Raymond T.;   Taggar, Amandeep S.;   Ursini, Ornella;   Wade, Chas.G.;   Weber, Adrian C.J.;   Wikander, Göran;   Yang, Xuan;   Yethiraj, Anand;   Zannoni, Claudio;   Zimmerman, Dan S.;   de Lange, Cornelis A.;   ter Beek, Leon C.;   van der Est, Arthur J.

Publication Titles

1976: Determination of the lateral diffusion coefficient of potassium oleate in the lamellar phase
1986: Deuteron Zeeman relaxation of tetradeuteromethane in the isotropic liquid, the liquid crystalline, and the solid state of several substances
1988: Molecular hydrogen in nematic liquid crystals: unusual isotope effects
1990: ESR line shapes in lyotropic systems: the micellar and liquid-crystalline phases of the dodecyltrimethylammonium chloride/water system
1990: Size and shape effects on the orientation of solutes in nematic liquid crystals
1991: Size and shape effects and the orientation in nematic liquid crystals of solutes having planar symmetry
1991: The conformation of 2,2'-dithiophene in nematic solvents determined by 1H-NMR
1993: Anisotropic short range potentials for solutes in nematic liquid crystals
1993: Comparison of short-range interactions in zero electric field gradient mixtures
1993: Orientational order of planar solutes in a zero-average-electric-field-gradient nematic environment
1993: Spin-lattice relaxation for dideuterium
1993: The orientation of molecules with internal rotation in nematic phases
1994: Comparison of short range interactions in nematic liquid crystals. A 2H-NMR study of 5CB-d19 as a solute
1994: Equation of motion for two coupled spin-1 nuclei under a coherent and random Hamiltonian
1995: An Orientational Study of Small Solutes in Zero Electric Field Gradient Nematic Liquid-Crystal Mixtures
1995: Conformational equilibrium and orientational ordering: 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance of butane in a nematic liquid crystal
1996: A multiple-quantum 1H NMR study of conformational biasing of biphenyl in a nematic liquid crystal
1996: Monte Carlo simulations of orientational ordering of solutes in a nematic solvent: comparison with mean-field models
1997: A temperature dependence study of small solutes in zero electric field gradient nematic liquid crystal mixtures
1997: Dipole-induced ordering in nematic liquid crystals - fact or fiction?
1997: Monte Carlo simulations of solute ordering in nematic liquid crystals: shape anisotropy and quadrupole-quadrupole interactions as orienting mechanisms
1997: Nematic-isotropic phase coexistence in a Lebwohl-Lasher model binary liquid crystal mixture
1998: Ethylene Ligand Structures of Os(CO)4(C2H4) and Os2(CO)8(C2H4) Determined by 1H NMR in Liquid Crystal Solvents
1999: NMR and molecular structure of partially oriented mono and para methyl-and chlorobenzenes dissolved in nematic liquid crystals
2000: Dipole-induced ordering in nematic liquid crystals. II. The elusive holy grail
2000: Monte Carlo simulations of zero electric field gradient liquid crystal mixtures
2000: Multiple Quantum and High-Resolution NMR, Molecular Structure, and Order Parameters of Partially Oriented ortho and meta Dimethyl-, Dichloro-, and Chloromethylbenzenes Codissolved in Nematic Liquid Crystals
2002: Effects of solute properties and concentrations on liquid crystals: N-(4-ethoxybenzylidene)-2,6-dideutero-4-n-butylaniline
2004: NMR measurement of smectic ordering and nematic–smectic-A coupling in a liquid crystal
2005: An NMR Study of Translational Diffusion and Structural Anisotropy in Magnetically Alignable Nonionic Surfactant Mesophases
2006: Dideuterium as solute in nematic liquid crystals
2006: Testing Assumptions about Solute Concentration Dependence in Liquid Crystal NMR
2007: Memory Effects Across Surfactant Mesophases
2007: NMR Determination of Smectic Ordering of Probe Molecules
2007: The smectic potential in a liquid crystal with a reentrant nematic phase: NMR of solutes
2008: Mechanisms of solute orientational order in nematic liquid crystals
2009: Orientational order of near D3h solutes in nematic liquid crystals
2009: Orientational order of near D3h solutes in nematic liquid crystals. II. Description via Gay–Berne model with embedded quadrupoles
2009: Solute order parameters in liquid crystals from NMR spectra solved with evolutionary algorithms: Application of double Maier-Saupe Kobayashi-McMillan theory
2010: 3H NMR of the tritiated isotopologues of methane in nematic liquid-crystal solvents
2010: Scope and Limitations of Accurate Structure Determination of Solutes Dissolved in Liquid Crystals
2010: The smectic effect on solute order parameters rationalized by double Maier-Saupe Kobayashi-McMillan theory


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