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Buldyrev, S.V.

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Buldyrev, Sergey V.


Chen, S.-H.;   Cruz, L.;   Dawson, K.A.;   Ding, F.;   Dokholyan, N.V.;   Foffi, G.;   Franzese, G.;   Kumar, P.;   Malescio, G.;   Mallamace, F.;   Mazza, M.G.;   Peng, S.;   Saika-Voivod, I.;   Sciortino, F.;   Skibinsky, A.;   Stanley, H.E.;   Tartaglia, P.;   Urbanc, B.;   Xu, L.;   Yan, Z.;   Zaccarelli, E.

Publication Titles

2002: Confirmation of anomalous dynamical arrest in attractive colloids: A molecular dynamics study
2002: Metastable liquid-liquid phase transition in a single-component system with only one crystal phase and no density anomaly
2004: Discrete molecular dynamics simulations of peptide aggregation
2004: Effect of bond lifetime on the dynamics of a short-range attractive colloidal system
2004: Liquid-liquid phase transitions for soft-core attractive potentials
2008: Liquid polyamorphism: Possible relation to the anomalous behaviour of water


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