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Buchecker, R.


Benecke, C.;   Benecke, Carsten;   Boller, A.;   Boller, Arthur;   Chen, X.-H.;   Chen, Xin-Hua;   Cherkaoui, Zoubair M.;   Cherkaoui, Zoubair Mohammed;   Chernova, N.I.;   Chernova, Nina;   Fialkov, Y.A.;   Fialkov, Yury A.;   Friedrichsen, Willy;   Fromm, H.-J.;   Fromm, Hans-Jürgen;   Fünfschilling, Jürg;   Germann, A.;   Germann, Alfred;   Herr, R.-P.;   Herr, R.P.;   Herr, Rolf Peter;   Herr, Rolf-Peter;   Herzog, Francois;   Ivashchenko, A.V.;   Kazachkov, Eduard;   Kelly, Stephen;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Korotkova, Nataliya;   Lee-Schmiederer, Silvia;   Leenhouts, F.;   Leenhouts, Frans;   Loseva, M.V.;   Loseva, Marina;   Lukac, Teodor;   Lupfert, Sandra;   Marck, Guy;   Mark, Guy;   Maurer, Robert;   Muller, Oliver;   Muller, Olivier;   Müller, Klaus;   Narkevich, Julia;   Pavluchenko, A.I.;   Pavluchenko, Assya I.;   Pavlyuchenko, A.I.;   Peglow, Thomas;   Petrashevich, O.S.;   Petrashevich, Olga;   Petrov, V.F.;   Petrov, Vladimir F.;   Petrzilka, Martin;   Pozhidaev, E.P.;   Pozhidaev, Evgeny;   Rabinovich, A.Z.;   Rabinovich, Arnold;   Reichnardt, Joachim;   Schadt, M.;   Schadt, Martin;   Schmitt, K.;   Schmitt, Klaus;   Schuster, Andreas;   Seiberle, Hubert;   Seils, Frank;   Shelyazhenko, S.V.;   Shelyazhenko, Svetlana V.;   Smirnova, N.I.;   Smirnova, Natalia I.;   Takatsu, Haruyoshi;   Takeuchi, K.;   Tanaka, Yasuyuki;   Titov, V.T.;   Villiger, A.;   Villiger, Alois;   Weitzel, Hans-Peter

Publication Titles

1985: Neue Flüssigkristalle mit NCS-Endgruppen; Einfluss von Doppelbindungen auf ihre elektro-optischen Eigenschaften
1986: Alkenyl-substituted phenyl isothiocyanates and benzonitriles
1986: New nematic liquid crystals: influence of rigid cores, alkenyl side-chains and polarity on material and display properties
1986: The cooperative effects of heterocycles, NCS-polar groups, and double bonds on the material properties of new nematic liquid crystals
1987: Liquid-crystal derivatives of phenyl benzoate for electrooptical display devices
1987: Liquid-crystal pyridine derivatives for electrooptical display devices
1987: New liquid crystals: the mesomorphic properties of mono- and bisalkenyl(oxy) substituted esters
1987: Synthesis, physical properties and structural relationships of new, end-chain substituted nematic liquid crystals
1988: Ferroelectric liquid crystals
1988: Ferroelectric liquid crystals. IV. Chiral alkenyloxyphenyl benzoates
1988: Ferroelectric liquid crystals. Part I. The synthesis and liquid crystal transition temperatures of some new smectic C materials
1988: Ferroelectric liquid crystals. V. Chiral alkenyloxyphenyl 4-biphenyl-1-carboxylates
1988: Ferroelectric liquid crystals. Part 2. Chiral phenyl benzoates incorporating a trans-1,4-disubstituted cyclohexane ring
1988: Ferroelectric liquid crystals. Part 3. Achiral phenyl benzoates incorporating a trans-4-pentylcyclohexyl moiety
1989: Alkenylbicyclohexanes and liquid-crystal mixtures and electrooptical devices containing them
1989: Cyclohexyl esters of .alpha.-fluorocarboxylic acids, their preparation, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
1989: Ferroelectric smectic C liquid crystal mixtures: relationship between molecular structure, ferroelectricity and electrooptic response
1989: Halogenated benzene derivatives, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use in electrooptical devices
1989: Liquid-crystal mixtures and their electrooptical applications
1989: Material properties, structural relations with molecular ensembles and electrooptical performance of new bicyclohexane liquid crystals in field-effect liquid crystal displays
1989: Optically active diesters, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
1990: Alkoxymethyl- and alkenyloxymethylcyclohexanes for liquid-crystal display devices
1990: Phenylpyridines, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
1990: Some new .alpha.-fluoro esters incorporating a cyclohexane ring as chiral dopants for ferroelectric mixtures
1990: Synergisms, structure-material relations and display performance of novel fluorinated alkenyl liquid crystals
1991: Alkynyl-substituted liquid crystal materials, their preparation, and their use
1991: Chiral dioxanes, liquid crystal mixtures containing them, and the use of the mixtures for optical or electrooptical applications
1991: Preparation of [[(chlorophenyl)cyclohexyl]cyclohexyl]alkenes as liquid crystals
1991: Preparation of phenylcyclohexyldioxane derivatives for electrooptical displays
1991: Structure of optically active compounds and ferroelectric properties of liquid crystals
1992: Halogenated alkenyl compounds, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their use for electrooptical purposes
1992: Liquid-crystal compounds with terminal 1-alkynylgroups, mixtures containing them, and their use in electrooptical devices
1992: New optically active dopants based on chiral dioxanes
1992: Optical element for generating short-wave laser light
1992: Organic compounds incorporating four rings, liquid - crystal mixtures containing them, and their use
1992: Preparation of 1-(alkoxyalkyl)-4-(chlorophenyl)cyclohexanes and analogs as liquid crystal components
1992: Preparation of 4-cyano-3-fluorophenyl esters as liquid crystals
1992: Strongly Nonlinear Optical Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Frequency Doubling
1993: 3,4-Difluorophenyl-substituted bicyclohexyls and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
1993: Chiral oxazolines as dopants for liquid crystal mixtures, the mixtures, and their use
1993: Fluorobenzonitriles, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and their preparation and use
1993: Preparation of fluorotolans as liquid crystal components
1993: Process for preparation of diaryls useful for liquid crystals
1993: Strongly nonlinear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals for frequency doubling
1993: method for disinclination-free planar orientation of chiral liquid crystalline side chain polymers and devices employing oriented films of the polymers
1994: .alpha.-Fluoro esters incorporating a cyclohexane ring: some new chiral dopants for ferroelectric mixtures
1994: Efficient nonlinear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals for integrated optics devices
1994: Fluoro-substituted phenylcyclohexylacetylenes and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
1994: Fluoro-substituted tolan derivatives and liquid-crystal mixtures and devices containing them
1994: Liquid-crystal compounds having chlorodifluoromethoxyphenyl end groups, mixtures containing them, and their use for optical or electrooptical purposes
1994: Polar nematic methyl (E)-[trans-4-cyclohexyl-substituted]allyl ethers: synthesis, liquid crystal transition temperatures and some physical properties
1995: New nematics incorporating a 2,6-difluorophenylacetylene group
1995: Optically active tolan derivatives, their preparation, liquid-crystal mixtures containing them, and use of the mixtures in optical and electrooptical devices
1995: Synthesis and properties of new halogenated liquid crystals
1996: Di-1,3-dioxane derivatives useful as liquid crystals for electro-optical liquid crystal displays
1996: Preparation of 1-fluorocyclohexene-dioxane liquid-crystal derivatives
1996: Preparation of liquid-crystal 1-fluorcyclohexene-difluorphenyl derivatives
1996: Some studies on liquid crystals incorporating three membered linking units combined with 1,3 linked rings
1996: The synthesis of nitroaniline monomers and polymers as non-linear optical ferroelectric liquid crystals
1997: Cyclopentyl derivatives, liquid - crystal mixtures containing them, and electrooptical display devices using the mixtures
1997: Fluorobenzyl ether derivatives for use in thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display devices
1997: Imidazothiazole derivatives as components of liquid crystal mixtures
1997: Novel dopants for ferroelectric mixtures incorporating chiral dioxane or tetrahydropyrane rings
1997: Optically active bis-methyldioxane derivatives and liquid -crystal mixtures and electrooptical devices using them
1998: Photocrosslinkable polymers and their use
1998: Photocrosslinkable silane derivatives and their use
1998: Polymerizable, optically active dioxolane diesters and liquid crystalline polymers
1998: Silane derivatives having photopolymerizable groups for orientation layer of liquid crystals
1999: Optically active compounds
1999: Photocrosslinkable polyimides
1999: Preparation of bicyclohexyl-4,4'-dione monoacetals as intermediates for liquid crystals
1999: photocrosslinkable liquid crystal composition for optical device
2002: Dichroic mixtures, their production and their use
2002: Photoactive copolymers useful as orientation layers for liquid crystals


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