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Bruinsma, Robijn F.

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Bruinsma, R.;   Bruinsma, R.F.;   Bruinsma, Robijn


Borukhov, Itamar;   Fischer, Thomas M.;   Grason, Gregory M.;   Idziak, Stefan H.J.;   Israelachvili, Jacob N.;   Jeppesen, Claus;   Knobler, Charles M.;   Liang, Keng S.;   Plano, Robert J.;   Safinya, Cyrus R.;   Selinger, Jonathan V.;   Sirota, Eric B.;   Wang, Zhen-Gang;   Wenzel, Lawrence J.

Publication Titles

1991: Hexagonal and nematic phases of chains. I. Correlation functions
1991: Hexagonal and nematic phases of chains. II. Phase transitions
1992: Statistical mechanics of defects in polymer liquid crystals
1993: A new mechanism for lubrication in liquid crystals
1993: Chiral symmetry breaking and pattern formation in two-dimensional films
1993: Chiral symmetry breaking in Langmuir monolayers and smectic films
1993: Structure of Membrane Surfactant and Liquid Crystalline Smectic Lamellar Phases Under Flow
1994: Structure of complex fluids under flow and confinement. X-ray Couette Shear Cell and the X-ray Surface Forces Apparatus
1994: Textures of surfactant monolayers
2001: Raft Instability of Biopolymer Gels
2006: Frustrated Polyelectrolyte Bundles and T=0 Josephson-Junction Arrays
2007: Chirality and Equilibrium Biopolymer Bundles


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