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Brot, C.

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Brot, Claude


Darmon, I.;   Fried, F.;   Lassier-Govers, B.;   Lechner, R.E.;   Sixou, P.;   Virlet, J.;   Volino, F.

Publication Titles

1966: Etude par R.M.N. des Libertés d´Orientation dans Trois Composés Globulaires: Bicyclo-2-2-2-octane, Bicyclo-2-2-2-octa-2-ène et Quinuclidine
1971: Statistical dynamics of a rotator in a potential of cubic symmetry
1976: Study of molecular movements of furan in liquid and plastic phases by nuclear magnetic relaxation
1979: Anisotropic molecular reorientations of quinuclidine in its plastic solid phase: proton and nitrogen-14 NMR relaxation study
1979: Rotational motion in plastic quinuclidine: Results from quasielastic neutron scattering


J. Phys. (Paris), 40, 563
J. Phys. (Paris), 40, 573
Mol. Cryst., 1, 417
Mol. Phys., 21, 785
Mol. Phys., 31, 1845

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