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Brogueira, P.

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Brogueira, Pedro


Almeida, J.;   Almeida, P.L.;   Costa, I.;   Cruz, C.;   Ferraz, A.;   Ferreira, A.J.;   Figueirinhas, J.L.;   Filipe, E.J.M.;   Fonseca, J.G.;   Godinho, M.H.;   Melo, L.;   Melo, L.V.;   Pires, D.;   Ribeiro, A.C.;   Sebastião, P.J.;   Simoes Gamboa, A.L.;   Trindade, A.C.

Publication Titles

2002: Anisotropic hydroxypropylcellulose films as alignment layers of a bistable ferroelectric device
2002: Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Hydroxypropylcellulose Films Prepared from Liquid Crystalline Aqueous Solutions
2002: Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Electro-Optical Devices Using HPC as Alignment Layers
2002: Nanoscale Pattern Formation in Langmuir-Blodgett Films of a Semifluorinated Alkane and a Polystyrene-Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Diblock Copolymer
2002: Tunable Morphological System Obtained from HPC Aqueous Liquid Crystalline Solutions
2005: 3D Soft Microlithography in Segmented Anisotropic Urethane/Urea Elastomers
2007: Mechanically activated cholesteric polymer dispersed liquid crystals


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19th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Edinburgh, 2002, P313
Liq. Cryst., 29, 1491
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Macromolecules, 35, 5932
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Nano Lett., 2, 1083

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