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Bräuchle, Christoph

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Braeuchle, Christoph;   Brauchle, Christoph;   Bräuchle, C.


Anneser, H.;   Anneser, Hans;   Boldt, Peter;   Bourhill, G.;   Böhm, Arno;   Deeg, F.W.;   Deeg, Fred-Walter;   Diercksen, K.;   Dietrich, R.;   Feiner, F.;   Feiner, Franz;   Ferrante, C.;   Ferrante, Camilla;   Gross, Markus;   Haak, Oliver;   Kastenmüller, G.;   Kastenmüller, Gabi;   Kneuper, E.;   Kreuzer, F.-H.;   Kreuzer, F.H.;   Kreuzer, Franz Heinrich;   Kreuzer, Franz-Heinrich;   Kreuzer, H.-J.;   Kummer, S.;   Leigeber, H.;   Leigeber, Horst;   Meerholz, K.;   Meerholz, Klaus;   Miller, A.;   Miller, Alfred;   Müllen, Klaus;   Oesterhelt, D.;   Oesterhelt, Dieter;   Ortler, R.;   Petri, A.;   Petri, Andreas;   Petti, A.;   Pinsl, J.;   Rau, J.;   Rau, Jenspeter;   Reinecke, H.;   Riepl, G.;   Ritzel, C.;   Ritzel, Christian;   Rohr, Ulrike;   Schlichting, Peter;   Schwalb, G.;   Weitzel, H.-P.;   Weitzel, H.P.;   Weitzel, Hans-Peter

Publication Titles

1987: Liquid crystalline polysiloxanes for optical write-once storage
1989: Reversible Holographic-Optical Data Storage in Cholesteric Liquid-Crystalline Siloxanes
1989: Reversible holographic-optical data storage in cholesteric liquid-crystalline siloxanes
1990: Hologram Growth in Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Polymers - Influence of the Sample Temperature on Hologram Efficiency and Photosensitivity
1991: Ultrasonic measurements of the anisotropic viscoelastic properties of a nematic elastomer
1992: Chiral Liquid Crystalline Polymers with Azo Dye - Generation of Additional Reflection Bands with Linearly Polarized Light
1993: Cholesteric liquid crystalline siloxanes with azo dye: generation of additional reflection bands with linearly polarized light
1993: Optical elements made from helical liquid crystal substances with reflection bands for linear polarized light, and a method for their manufacture
1993: Photoinduced generation of noncentrosymmetric structures in glassy liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes for second harmonic generation
1993: Photoinduced reorientation of cholesteric liquid crystalline polysiloxanes and applications in optical information storage and second harmonic generation
1993: Time-Resolved Impulsive Light-Scattering Studies of Liquid Crystalline Side Chain Polysiloxanes
1993: Ultrasonic properties of a nematic sidechain polysiloxane in the 100 MHz-1 GHz range
1994: A dispersion step in the ultrasonic region of a nematic liquid single crystal elastomer
1994: Influence of surface interaction on the reorientational dynamics of pentylcyanobiphenyl confined in a porous glass
1994: Methods of preparing materials having good nonlinear optical properties
1994: Photoinduced Generation of Noncentrosymmetric Structures in Glassy Liquid Crystalline Polysiloxanes and Their Application
1995: Charcterization of Photoinduced Noncentrosymmetric Structures in Glassy Liquid Crystalline Polysiloxanes by Linear and Nonlinear Optical Methods
1995: Structuring cholesteric polysiloxanes by photoinduced rotational diffusion
1996: Cyclic liquid-crystalline siloxanes as optical recording materials
1996: Generation of noncentrosymmetric structures in glassy liquid crystalline siloxanes
1998: Liquid crystalline coronene derivatives with extraordinary fluorescence properties
1998: Optically addressed spatial light modulator on the basis of bacteriorhodopsin
1998: Solvation dynamics of ionic dyes in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals
1998: Spatial Liqht Modulation with a Bacteriorhodopsin-Driven Liquid Crystal-Cell
1998: Spatial light modulation with a bacteriorhodopsin-driven liquid-crystal cell
1999: Characteristics of solvation dynamics of rhodamine 700 in cyanobiphenyls
2001: Temperature Dependence of Solvation Dynamics in Alkylcyanobiphenyls


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