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Bradley, D.D.C.

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Bradley, Donal D.C.;   Bradley, Donald D.C.


Ahmed, A.M.;   Asimakis, A.;   Bacher, A.;   Bentley, P.G.;   Bleyer, A.;   Brédas, J.L.;   Burroughes, J.H.;   Chamberlain, T.;   Etchegoin, P.;   Feast, W.J.;   Friend, R.H.;   Gather, M.C.;   Glarvey, P.A.;   Grell, M.;   Grice, A.;   Gymer, R.W.;   Hennecke, M.;   Hill, J.;   Holmes, A.B.;   Inbasekaran, M.;   Jandke, M.;   Lidzey, D.G.;   Liem, H.-M.;   Long, X.;   Lögdlund, M.;   Malinowski, A.;   Marks, R.N.;   Martin, S.J.;   Neher, D.;   O'Brien, D.F.;   Oda, M.;   Redecker, M.;   Richards, R.W.;   Richardson, P.H.;   Salaneck, W.R.;   Schartel, B.;   Soliman, M.;   Stagira, S.;   Strohriegl, P.;   Tajbakhsh, A.R.;   Taliani, C.;   Tsibouklis, J.;   Turner, M.L.;   Ungar, G.;   Virgili, T.;   Wachtendorf, V.;   Walker, S.;   Warner, M.;   Whitehead, K.S.;   Woo, E.P.;   Wu, W.;   Zavelani-Rossi, M.;   de Silvestri, S.;   dos Santos, D.A.

Publication Titles

1993: A new main-chain thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer based on a substituted cyanostilbene: synthesis, thermooptic observations and linear electrooptic effect measurements
1993: Linear electrooptic effect in a new class of main-chain liquid-crystalline polymers
1998: Chain geometry, solution aggregation, and enhanced dichroism in the liquid - crystalline conjugated polymer poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene)
1998: Polymer light emission: control of properties through chemical structure and morphology
1998: Spectral narrowing phenomena in the emission from a conjugated polymer
1999: Electroluminescence in conjugated polymers
1999: Interplay of Physical Structure and Photophysics for a Liquid Crystalline Polyfluorene
1999: Mobility enhancement through homogeneous nematic alignment of a liquid-crystalline polyfluorene
1999: Monodomain alignment of thermotropic fluorene copolymers
1999: Polarized fluorescence and orientational order parameters of a liquid-crystalline conjugated polymer
2000: Conjugated reactive mesogens
2000: Highly polarized blue electroluminescence from homogeneously aligned films of poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene)
2000: Polarized emission from liquid crystal polymers
2001: A Compact Device for the Efficient, Electrically Driven Generation of Highly Circularly Polarized Light
2001: Completely polarized photoluminescence emission from a microcavity containing an aligned conjugated polymer
2002: Influence of the orientation of liquid crystalline poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) on its lasing properties in a planar microcavity
2003: Raman Anisotropy Measurements: An Effective Probe of Molecular Orientation in Conjugated Polymer Thin Films
2007: An Improved Optical Method for Determining the Order Parameter in Thin Oriented Molecular Films and Demonstration of a Highly Axial Dipole Moment for the Lowest Energy &pgr;-&pgr;* Optical Transition in Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-co-bithiophene)


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