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Bourgaux, Claudie

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Bourgaux, C.


Arbel-Haddad, Michal;   Asnacios, Sophie;   Chemin, Caroline;   Commeinhes, Xavier;   Couvreur, Patrick;   Dahbi, Louisa;   Davidson, Patrick;   Dieudonne, Philippe;   Dieudonné, Philippe;   Kleman, Maurice;   Kooyman, Patricia J.;   Lesieur, Pierre;   Livage, Jacques;   Lopez, Christelle;   Meyer, Claire;   Ollivon, Michel;   Pabst, Georg;   Pena dos Santos, Eduardo;   Prouzet, Eric;   Péan, Jean-Manuel;   Ramos, Laurence;   Remita, Hynd;   Riaublanc, Alain;   Santilli, Celso Valentim;   Surendran, Geetarani;   Tokumoto, Miriam S.;   Tokumoto, Miriam Sanae;   Wüthrich, Patrick

Publication Titles

1997: Orientation of liquid - crystalline suspensions of vanadium pentoxide ribbons by a magnetic field
1999: Effects of shear on a lyotropic lamellar phase
2005: Existence and Stability of New Nanoreactors: Highly Swollen Hexagonal Liquid Crystals
2005: Highly Swollen Liquid Crystals as New Reactors for the Synthesis of Nanomaterials
2006: A long ripple phase in DLPC–decylglucoside mixture evidenced by synchrotron SAXS coupled to DSC
2006: Milk fat and primary fractions obtained by dry fractionation: 1. Chemical composition and crystallisation properties
2008: Consequences of ions and pH on the supramolecular organization of sphingomyelin and sphingomyelin/cholesterol bilayers


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Langmuir, 21, 4362
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