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Borsali, Redouane

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Borsali, R.


Bica, Clara I.D.;   Geissler, Erik;   Goncalves, Paulo F.;   Merlo, Aloir A.;   Pecora, R.;   Pereira, Fabiano V.;   Ritter, Olga M.S.;   Rochas, Cyrille;   Schroeder, Uwe P.;   Vilgis, Thomas A.;   Yoon, Do Y.;   da Silveira, Nadya P.

Publication Titles

1991: Mean-field theory of concentrated polyelectrolyte solutions: Statics and dynamics
1998: Determination of Splay and Twist Relaxation Modes in Nematic Liquid Crystals from Dynamic Light Scattering Experiments
1998: Dynamic light scattering studies of cholesteric and polymer-stabilized cholesteric liquid crystals
2001: Dynamics of Cellulose Whiskers in Agarose Gels. 1. Polarized Dynamic Light Scattering
2006: Structure-property relationships of smectic liquid crystalline polyacrylates as revealed by SAXS


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