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Bormuth, F.J.

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Bormuth, F.-J.;   Bormuth, Franz Josef;   Bormuth, Franz-Josef


Biradar, A.M.;   Chrusciel, J.;   Haase, W.;   Haase, Wolfgang;   Jakob, E.;   Pfeiffer, M.;   Pranoto, H.;   Quotschalla, U.;   Wróbel, S.

Publication Titles

1985: Dielectric properties of some side chain liquid crystalline polymers
1987: Relaxation Processes in a Liquid Crystalline Polymer with Laterally Fixed Side Groups
1989: Influence of spacer length on dielectric properties of polymeric liquid crystals
1989: Molecular dynamics in liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy: a comparative study.
1989: Molecular dynamics in some side chain liquid crystalline polymers
1990: Low frequency dielectric relaxation behavior at the N-SA and SA-SC transitions of 8S5
1991: Molecular motions in liquid crystal side-chain polymers


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