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Booth, Christopher J.

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Booth, C.J.;   Booth, Christopher;   Booth, Christopher James


Collings, Peter J.;   Dunmur, David A.;   Garland, Carl W.;   Goodby, John W.;   Gray, George W.;   Haley, Julie;   Hardy, Judith;   Hardy, Judith P.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Kang, Jaskaran S.;   Krüerke, Daniel;   Kutnjak, Zdravko;   Lettington, Olwen C.;   Nishiyama, Isa;   Schatz, colin G.;   Singh, Upindranath;   Toyne, Kenneth J.;   Watson, Marcus J.

Publication Titles

1992: The synthesis and transition temperatures of novel low molar mass cholesteric materials derived from (R)-2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)propanoic acid
1993: Fluorosubstituted chiral liquid crystals derived from (R)-2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)propan-1-ol
1993: Novel chiral liquid crystals derived from (R)-2-(4-hydroxyphenoxy)propan-1-ol
1994: Effect of the position of lateral fluoro substituents on the phase behavior and ferroelectric properties of chiral 1-methylheptyl 4'-[(2- or 3-fluoro-4-tetradecyloxyphenyl)propioloyloxy]biphenyl-4-carboxylates
1994: the influence of the liquid crystalline core geometry on the mesogenicity of novel chiral 2-(4-substituted-phenoxy)propanonitriles
1995: Optical activity studies in the pretransitional isotropic region of strongly chiral propionate ester liquid crystals
1995: The influence of lateral fluoro-substituents on TGB phases in chiral propiolates
1996: A study of the electroclinic effect in the smectic A* phase of mixtures with strongly chiral alkoxybiphenyl-phenyl carboxylate dopants
1996: Achiral swallow-tailed materials with 'antiferroelectric-like' structure and their potential use in antiferroelectric mixtures
1996: Critical point for the blue-phase-III-isotropic phase transition in chiral liquid crystals
1996: Electroclinic and antiferroelectric properties of (R)-(-)-nonan-3-yl 4-(4'-dodecyloxybiphenyl-4-ylcarbonyloxy)-3-fluorobenzoate
1996: Highly twisting enantiomeric radial multiyne dopants for discotic liquid-crystalline systems
1996: The ferro-, ferri- and antiferro-electric properties of a series of novel 2- or 3-substituted-alkyl 4-(4'-dodecyloxybiphenyl-4-carbonyloxy)-benzoate esters
1997: Static and dynamic light scattering near the liquid crystalline blue phase III-isotropic liquid critical point
1998: The synthesis of chiral nematic liquid crystals


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