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Boller, A.

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Boller, Andreas;   Boller, Arthur


Buchecker, Richard;   Cereghetti, M.;   Cheng, J.;   Chuah, H.;   Grebowicz, J.;   Jin, Y.;   Kwon, Y.K.;   Lebedev, B.V.;   Leenhouts, F.;   Petrzilka, Martin;   Pyda, M.;   Schadt, M.;   Scherrer, H.;   Villiger, A.;   Wild, P.;   Wunderlich, Bernhard

Publication Titles

1972: Low electrooptic threshold in new liquid crystals
1977: Synthesis and some physical properties of phenylpyrimidines
1978: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of diphenyl- and biphenylylpyrimidines
1979: Synthese und einige physikalische Eigenschaften von neuen nematischen Flüssigen Kristallen
1979: Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of new liquid crystalline cyclohexylphenyl- and dicyclohexylpyrimidines
1986: New nematic liquid crystals: influence of rigid cores, alkenyl side-chains and polarity on material and display properties
1994: Analysis of the thermal properties and motion in crystalline trans-1,4-poly(butadiene)
1994: Heat capacities and transitions in n-perfluoroalkanes and poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
1997: Multiple melting peak analysis with gel-spun ultra-high molar mass polyethylene
1998: Heat capacity of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)
2000: Melting and heat capacity of gel-spun, ultra-high molar mass polyethylene fibers


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