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Bobrysheva, S.N.


Beloenko, E.D.;   Belyi, V.A.;   Ermakov, S.F.;   Kestelman, V.N.;   Kupchinov, B.I.;   Markova, L.V.;   Parkalov, V.P.;   Rodnenkov, V.G.

Publication Titles

1987: Study of the effect of liquid crystals in the friction of solid materials
1988: Lubricants to recover tribological properties of human joints
1993: Role of liquid crystals in the lubrication of living joints
1994: The effect of liquid crystals on joint lubrication
1996: Using food industry wastes for production of lubricant compositions
1998: Diagnostics of the lubricating properties of mesogenic substances by the probe method


Int. SAMPE Symp. Exhib., 33, 645
Smart Mater. Struct., 2, 7
Trenie Iznos, 17, 677
Trenie Iznos, 19, 361
Trenie Iznos, 8, 614
Wear, 171, 7

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