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Bobrovsky, A.Yu.

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Bobrovsky, A.Y..

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Bobrovskii, A.Yu.;   Bobrovsky, Alexey Yu.


Barmatov, E.B.;   Barmatova, M.V.;   Barnik, M.I.;   Bechgaard, K.;   Bjornholm, T.;   Boiko, N.I.;   Budagovsky, I.A.;   Bydagovsky, I.A.;   Dadivanyan, N.A.;   Deussen, H.J.;   El'yashevich, G.K.;   Kalik, M.A.;   Konstantinov, I.I.;   Krayushkin, M.M.;   Lysachkov, A.I.;   Lyukhanov, N.I.;   Medvedev, A.S.;   Muzafarov, A.M.;   Obraztsov, A.A.;   Ochkin, V.N.;   Pakhomov, A.A.;   Pebalk, D.A.;   Ponomarenko, S.A.;   Prudnikova, E.;   Rebrov, E.A.;   Schaumburg, K.;   Shibaev, P.V.;   Shibaev, V.P.;   Smaev, A.Yu.;   Smayev, M.P.;   Springer, J.;   Stumpe, J.;   Torgova, S.I.;   Wendorff, Joachim H.;   Wolff, D.;   Zhu, X.-M.;   Zolot'ko, A.S.

Publication Titles

1996: Liquid crystalline carbosilane dendrimers: first generation
1997: Chiral Mesophases of new Menthylcontaining Copolymers
1997: Novel atropisomeric binaphthol containing comb-shaped copolymers forming chiral nematic phases
1997: Novel atropoisomeric binaphthyl-containing liquid crystalline copolymers forming chiral nematic phases
1998: Phase diagrams and optical properties of new menthyl-containing LC copolymers forming chiral mesophases
1998: Photochromism in mixtures of liquid crystalline chiral copolymers with a photosensitive chiral dopant
1998: Photooptical properties of new combined chiral photochromic liquid crystalline copolymers
1998: The Induced SA Phase in New Menthyl-Containing Copolymers
1999: Cholesteric mesophase of the hydrogen-bonded blends of liquid crystalline ionogenic copolymers with a low molecular weight chiral dopant
1999: Induction of the cholesteric mesophase in hydrogen-bonded blends of polymers with a low molecular mass chiral dopant
2000: A comparative study of photo-optical behaviour of photosensitive chiral copolymers with cholesteric mesophases induced in nematogenic and smectogenic matrices
2000: Cholesteric mixture containing a chiral azobenzene-based dopant: material with reversible photoswitching of the pitch of the helix
2000: New Chiral Nematic Materials with Photovariable Helical Supramolecular Structure for Reversible Optical Data Recording
2000: Photosensitive cholesteric copolymers with spiropyran-containing side groups I. Phase behavior and photo-optical properties
2000: Photosensitive cholesteric copolymers with spiropyran-containing side groups II. Kinetic features of the photo- and thermo-chromic processes
2001: Mixture of cholesteric copolymer with dithienylethene photochromic dopant: a new material combining optical properties of cholesterics with photochromism
2001: New chiral-photochromic dopant with variable helical twisting power and its use in photosensitive cholesteric materials
2001: New low temperature chiral nematic monomers-optical anisotropy and related properties
2001: Photosensitive cholesteric polymers with azobenzene-containing chiral groups and mixtures of cholesteric copolymer with chiral-photochromic dopants
2002: Carbosilane LC Dendrimers with Photoresponsive Terminal Mesogenic Groups
2002: Chiral Nematic Polymer Mixture Containing Crosslinker and Photosensitive Chiral Dopant: New Type of Materials with Tunable Photo-Optical Properties
2002: Photochemical and Photoorientational Behavior of Liquid Crystalline Carbosilane Dendrimer with Azobenzene Terminal Groups
2002: Photoregulation of Helix Pitch in Mixtures of Chiral-Photochromic Cholesteric Polymers with Triplet Sensitizer
2003: Cholesteric Mixtures with Photochemically Tunable, Circularly Polarized Fluorescence
2006: Liquid crystalline and photochromic composities on the base of porous polyethylene films
2006: Liquid crystalline carbosilane dendrimers: first generation
2006: Nonlinear optical properties of liquid crystals doped by comb-shaped polymer with azobenzene mesogenic groups
2006: Photooptical properties of photopolymerizable cholesteric compositions
2007: Photochromic liquid-crystalline copolymers containing crown ether groups
2008: Light-Induced Director Reorientation in Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with Azobenzene-Containing Macromolecules of Different Architecture
2008: Orientational optical nonlinearity induced by comb-shaped polymers in a nematic liquid crystal
2008: Photoorientation in hydrogen-bonded blends of liquid-crystalline polymers with a low-molecular photochromic dopant
2009: Interaction of light with a NLC-dendrimer system


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