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Bobrovskii, A.Yu.

Alternative Writings

Bobrovskii, A.Y..

Similar Names

Bobrovsky, A.Yu.


Barmatov, E.B.;   Barmatova, M.V.;   Bechgaard, K.;   Bjornholm, T.;   Boiko, N.I.;   Deussen, H.J.;   Schaumburg, K.;   Shibaev, P.V.;   Shibaev, V.P.;   Shibaev, V.R.

Publication Titles

1997: New binaphthyl-containing liquid - crystalline copolymers forming a chiral nematic phase
1997: New menthyl-containing copolymers forming chiral nematic phases
1998: Cholesteric mesophase induced in hydrogen-bonded polymer blends with low-molecular wight chiral additives
1998: New photosensitive chiral liquid crystal copolymers
1999: Photochromic chiral liquid-crystalline mixed formulations: A new class of materials for data recording and storage
1999: Photochromic liquid-crystalline copolymers bearing cinnamic acid-based chiral side groups


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