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Blunk, D.

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Blunk, Dirk


Bongartz, N.;   Brombach, F.;   Buchavzov, N.;   Catanoiu, G.;   Eckert, A.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Gärtner, V.;   Hempel, J.;   Hird, M.;   Horn, M.;   Jachmann, M.;   Kohne, B.;   Langner, M.;   Legler, G.;   Marquardt, P.;   Muccioli, L.;   Norbert, W.D.J.A.;   Pahl, G.;   Porada, J.;   Praefcke, Klaus;   Singer, D.;   Smirnova, A.;   Smirnova, A.I.;   Smirnova, S.;   Strey, R.;   Stubenrauch, C.;   Styring, P.;   Tessendorf, R.;   Toyne, Kenneth J.;   Usol'tseva, Nadejda;   Zannoni, Claudio

Publication Titles

1992: Novel Inositol Ethers, Substitution Pattern & Stereochemistry vs Liquid Crystalline Properties
1993: Bedeutung von Stereochemie und Substitutionsmuster für die Mesophasenausbildung partiell veretherter Kohlenhydrate
1995: Novel Carbohydrate and Chrial Radial Multiyne Liquid Crystals
1997: 1,4-Diketo-pyrrolo[3,4-C]pyrrole - A Novel Core System for Liquid Crystals
1997: 1,4-Diketo-pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole - A Novel Core System for Liquid Crystals
1997: Helical-Chiral Triphenylene Liquid Crystals
1997: Spontaneous Twist Deformation in a Non-Chiral Lyotropic Composition
1998: Chiral order formation in lyomesomorphic compositions of non-chiral chemical compounds
1998: Design of low-molar mass thermomesogens in the search for biaxial nematic liquid crystals
1998: Liquid crystal compounds. 110. 1,4-Diketopyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole: a novel core system for liquid crystals
1998: Liquid crystalline compounds. 108. Helical-chiral triphenylene liquid crystals
1998: New case of spontaneous manifestation of chirality: lyotropic composite of nonchiral discotic mesogens with alkanes
1999: Comparative lyotropy study of homologous hexaesters of hexahydroxy-benzene and -cyclohexane (scyllitol) in linear and cyclic hydrocarbons: microsegregation and mesophase formation of discotics.
1999: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
2006: 1,2-Bis-alkylchalcogenyl-benzene as ubiquitous structural motif in liquid crystals: A journey through molecular energy landscapes
2006: Lamellar phases and microemulsions in water-oil-surfactant systems: Alkyldimethyl phosphine oxides compared to alkyldiethyl phosphine oxides
2006: Synthesis and selected properties of new inositol surfactants
2006: Synthetic ways to novel indigo-based chromophoric mesogens
2007: Indigoid liquid crystals
2007: Liquid crystalline amphiphilic phosphine oxide metal complexes
2007: Self-assembling mesogens with isatin core units
2008: Amphotropic inositol liquid crystals
2008: New n-heterocyclic mesogens
2009: On the Way to New AFLC Materials: Synthesis of Modified Alkoxybiphenyl-arylesters and Their Liquid Crystallin Behaviour


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