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Blum, Frank D.

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Blum, F.D.


Barkley, Mary D.;   Bryant, Robert G.;   Duke, Joseph R.;   Franses, Elias I.;   Friberg, Stig E.;   Funchess, Robert B.;   Miller, Wilmer G.;   Mohebbi, Rana;   Mustafa, Mazidah B.;   Padmanabhan, Alapat S.;   Rose, Kenneth D.;   Russo, Paul S.;   Tipton, Debbie L.;   Uang, Yuh J.;   Wang, Jiun Fang

Publication Titles

1982: Temperature dependence of molecular motion in smectic liquid crystals of hydrated sodium 4-(1-heptylnonyl)benzenesulfonate
1985: Self-diffusion of water in polycrystalline smectic liquid crystals
1987: Structure and dynamics in lamellar liquid crystals. Effect of agitation and aging on deuterium NMR line shapes
1991: Molecular motions of the head group of sodium 4-(1'-heptylnonyl)benzenesulfonate in lamellar liquid crystals
1992: Deuterium NMR and low-angle x-ray studies of a polymerizable liquid crystalline system
1993: Dye diffusion in isotropic and liquid - crystalline aqueous ( hydroxypropyl)cellulose
1994: NMR Relaxation Behavior of the Head Group of Sodium 4-(1'-Heptylnonyl)benzenesulfonate in Lamellar Liquid Crystals


J. Phys. Chem., 86, 1729
Langmuir, 1, 127
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Macromolecules, 26, 370

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