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Blumstein, Alexandre

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Blumstein, A.


Blumstein, Rita B.;   Cheng, Peiwen;   Cholli, Ashok L.;   Clough, Stuart B.;   Feng, Chung Hwa;   Hashimoto, Takeji;   Hsu, Edward C.;   Iguchi, Masatoshi;   Jegal, Jonggeon;   Kim, Dong-Wook;   Kumar, Jayant;   Lim, Lee K.;   Lin, Cui-Lian;   Maeda, Yoji;   Martins, Assis Farinha;   Mucha, Maria;   Nakai, Akemi;   Sahoo, Sangrama K.;   Subramanyam, Sundar;   Tanaka, Yoshio;   Tanigaki, Nobutaka;   Volino, Ferdinand;   Wang, Wei

Publication Titles

1976: Synthesis and properties of some mesomorphic vinyl compounds and their saturated analogs
1977: Polymerization of thermotropic mesophases and formation of organized polymers
1979: Liquid crystalline order in polymers containing elements of mesogenic structure
1979: Polymers and liquid crystals. Low molecular weight liquid crystals
1981: Evidence, by proton NMR, of the alignment of a thermotropic nematic polymer by a magnetic field of ~1 Tesla
1985: Nematic Order in Polyesters with Flexible Moieties in the Main Chain
1986: Formation condition of polymeric liquid crystals
1986: Pressure-induced enantiotropic transition of a thermotropic polyester at room temperature
1991: Pressure-induced crystal modification of a thermotropic polyester
1992: Ion-containing liquid-crystalline polymers: ionenes based on trans-1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene
1992: synthesis and characterization of side-chain liquid-crystalline ionic polymers
1993: Effect of pressure on formation of crystal polymorph of a liquid crystalline polyester
1993: Influence of ionic content of side chain liquid crystal polymethacrylates on phase behavior
1993: Novel side chain liquid crystal ionic polysiloxanes
1994: Study of molecular dynamics of a nematic main chain liquid crystalline polyester by dielectric spectroscopy
1996: Phase-Separation Processes and Self-Organization of Textures in the Biphase Region of Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Poly(4,4'-dioxy-2,2'-dimethylazoxybenzene-dodecanedioyl). 2. A Study of the Isothermal Conditions
1998: Functional polyesters and copolyesters based on the 4,4'-dihydroxy-.alpha.-methylstilbene
2003: Nanocomposites from in-Situ Polymerization of Substituted Polyacetylene within Lamellar Surface of the Montmorillonite: A Solid-State NMR Study


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