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Blümel, Th.

Alternative Writings

Bluemel, Th.;   Blumel, Th.;   Blümel, T..

Similar Names

Blümel, Thomas


Collings, Peter J.;   Demikhov, E.;   Hiltrop, K.;   Onusseit, H.;   Porsch, F.;   Stegemeyer, Horst

Publication Titles

1983: Structure and Stability of Cholesteric Blue Phases
1984: Growth and structure of three dimensional liquid single crystals of cholesteric blue phases
1984: Growth of three-dimensional liquid single crystals and morphological studies of cholesteric "Blue Phases"
1984: Microscopic identification of the monomorphic blue phase in cholesterogenic mixed systems
1985: On the habit of blue phase II liquid single crystals
1985: Phase diagrams of the blue phases
1985: Über die Grandjean-Cano-Linien der blauen Phasen cholesterogener Flüssigkristalle
1986: Thermodynamic, structural and morphological studies on liquid-crystalline blue phases
1988: On the origin of Grandjean-Cano lines in liquid-crystalline blue phases
1988: Relation between habit and structure of liquid single crystals of blue phases. Reply to comments
1994: Domain growth laws for the phase ordering of chiral liquid crystals


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