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Blöte, Henk W.

Alternative Writings

Bloete, Henk W.;   Blote, Henk W.;   Blöte, H.W.


Deng, Youjin;   Guo, Wenan;   Nienhuis, Benard;   Nienhuis, Bernard;   Qian, Xiaofeng;   Wegewijs, Maarten

Publication Titles

2002: Cluster Monte Carlo simulation of the transverse Ising model
2002: Finite-size analysis of the hard-square lattice gas
2003: Bulk and surface critical behavior of the three-dimensional Ising model and conformal invariance
2003: Conformal invariance and the Ising model on a spheroid
2003: Simultaneous analysis of several models in the three-dimensional Ising universality class
2004: Backbone exponents of the two-dimensional q-state Potts model: A Monte Carlo investigation
2004: Critical frontier of the triangular Ising antiferromagnet in a field
2004: Geometric properties of two-dimensional critical and tricritical Potts models


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