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Blöte, Henk W.J.

Alternative Writings

Bloete, Henk W.J.;   Blote, Henk W.J.;   Blöte, H.W.J.


Deng, Youjin;   Qian, Xiaofeng

Publication Titles

2004: Anisotropic limit of the bond-percolation model and conformal invariance in curved geometries
2004: Constrained tricritical Blume-Capel model in three dimensions
2004: Magnetic and backbone exponents of the percolation and Ising models in three dimensions
2004: Red-bond exponents of the critical and the tricritical Ising model in three dimensions
2004: Spontaneous edge order and geometric aspects of two-dimensional Potts models
2004: Triangular Ising model with nearest- and next-nearest-neighbor couplings in a field


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