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Blizard, Kent G.

Similar Names

Blizard, K.G.;   Blizard, Kent


Haghighat, Ross;   Haghighat, Ross R.;   Lusignea, Richard W.;   Rubin, Leslie S.

Publication Titles

1991: Processing methods to obtain enhanced properties in thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers and their blends
1992: Extruded thermoplastics, liquid crystalline polymers, and blends thereof having a planar morphology
1993: Controlling the coefficient of thermal expansion of liquid - crystal -polymer-based components
1994: Processing and applications of liquid crystal polymers and blends
1997: Retortable extended shelf life food containers prepared from thermoformed PET and liquid crystal polymer films


Int. SAMPE Symp. Exhib., 39, 1048
Polym. Prepr., 32 (2) 25
WO 9.217.513 (1992/10/15)
WO 9.306.191 (1993/04/01)
WO 9.727.050 (1997/07/31)

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