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Blin, J.L.

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Blin, Jean-Luc


Bleta, R.;   Carteret, C.;   Cheetham, A.K.;   Gerardin, C.;   Jacobs, P.A.;   Leonard, A.;   Lesieur, P.;   Michaux, F.;   Robert, M.;   Rodehuser, L.;   Selve, C.;   Stebe, M.J.;   Stébé, M.J.;   Su, B.L.;   Zimny, K.

Publication Titles

2001: Well-Ordered Spherical Mesoporous Materials CMI-1 Synthesized via an Assembly of Decaoxyethylene Cetyl Ether and TMOS
2003: Toward a Better Control of Internal Structure and External Morphology of Mesoporous Silicas Synthesized Using a Nonionic Surfactant
2004: Nonionic Fluorinated Surfactant: Investigation of Phase Diagram and Preparation of Ordered Mesoporous Materials
2004: Perfluorodecalin Incorporation in Fluorinated Surfactant-Water System: Tailoring of Mesoporous Materials Pore Size
2005: Direct One-Step Immobilization of Glucose Oxidase in Well-Ordered Mesostructured Silica Using a Nonionic Fluorinated Surfactant
2006: Solubilization of Various Fluorocarbons in a Fluorinated Surfactant/Water System: Relation with the Design of Porous Materials
2007: Design of Ordered Bimodal Mesoporous Silica Materials by Using a Mixed Fluorinated-Hydrogenated Surfactant-Based System
2008: Nonionic Fluorinated-Hydrogenated Surfactants for the Design of Mesoporous Silica Materials
2008: Relation between the Lower Consolute Boundary and the Structure of Mesoporous Silica Materials
2009: Ordered Mesoporous Silica Templated by Nonionic Fluorinated Liquid Crystals


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