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Bleha, W.P.

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Bleha, William P.


Beard, T.D.;   Braatz, P.O.;   Brown, H.B.;   Casasent, David;   Efron, U.;   Fraas, L.M.;   Goodwin, N.W.;   Grinberg, J.;   Jacobson, A.D.;   Lipton, L.T.;   Little, M.J.;   Margerum, J.D.;   Markevitch, B.V.;   Reif, P.G.;   Robusto, P.F.;   Wiener-Avnear, E.;   Wong, S.-Y.

Publication Titles

1971: Transparent phase images in photoactivated liquid crystals
1973: The a.c. liquid-crystal light valve
1976: Hybrid liquid crystal light valve-image tube devices for optical data processing
1976: Novel charge-storage-diode structure for use with light-activated displays
1976: The ac photoresponse of a large-area imaging cadmium sulfide/cadmium telluride heterojunction
1978: Application of the liquid crystal light valve to real-time optical data processing
1982: Liquid crystal light valves
1982: Optical-to-optical image conversion with the liquid crystal light valve
1983: Progress in liquid crystal light valves


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