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Blau, Werner J.

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Blau, W.J.


Abbate, Giancarlo;   Abbate, Mario;   Bergin, Shane D.;   Boland, John J.;   Bruce, Duncan W.;   Byrne, Hugh J.;   Carpenter, Leslie;   Claessens, Christian G.;   Coleman, Jonathan N.;   Cook, Michael;   Davey, Andrew P.;   Giordani, Silvia;   Hamilton, James P.;   Hanack, Michael;   Henari, Fryad Z.;   Howard, Robert G.;   Lahr, Bernd;   Mancarella, Daniela;   Milgrom, Lionel;   Mormile, Pasquale;   Morrone, Stephania;   Musto, Pellegrino;   Nicolosi, Valeria;   Niraj, N. Peter P.;   Nolte, Roeland J.M.;   Petti, Lucia;   Ragosta, Giuseppe;   Ren, Yitao;   Ryan, Peter;   Streich, Philip V.;   Sun, Zhenyu;   Torres, Tomás;   Wang, Zhi-Tao T.;   Windle, Alan H.;   Wöhrle, Dieter;   Yahioglu, Gokhan

Publication Titles

1997: Mesogenic zinc(II) complexes of 5,10,15,20-tetraarylethynyl-substituted porphyrins
1997: Polarized photoluminescence from oriented polymer liquid crystal films
1998: Measurement of degree of order in mixed polarized fluorescent polymer liquid crystal films
1999: Electro-optical properties of an epoxy-based polymer-dispersed liquid crystal
1999: Polarized photoluminescence and measurement of degree of order in mixed oriented polymer liquid crystal films
2001: Experimental results on optical effects induced in epoxy resin based PDLC
2001: Optically induced light modulation in epoxy-based polymer dispersed liquid crystals
2001: Phthalocyanines and phthalocyanine analogues: the quest for applicable optical properties
2002: Enhancement of the thermo-optical properties in dye-doped PDLCs
2008: Towards Solutions of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes in Common Solvents


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