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Blau, W.J.

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Blau, Werner J.


Abbate, M.;   Bergin, S.D.;   Byrne, H.J.;   Cathcart, H.;   Coleman, J.N.;   Dalton, A.B.;   Fechtenkötter, Andreas;   Fleming, A.J.;   Lotya, M.;   Mormile, P.;   Musto, P.;   Müllen, K.;   Nicolosi, V.;   Petti, L.;   Ragosta, G.;   Ren, Y.;   Rickard, D.;   Sun, Z.;   Watson, M.D.

Publication Titles

2000: Experimental observation of self-transparency in an epoxy based polymer dispersed liquid crystal
2001: Optical switching property from a laser beam propagating in a polymer dispersed liquid crystal film
2003: Optical Spectroscopy of Isolated and Aggregate Hexabenzocoronene Derivatives: A Study of Self-Assembling Molecular Nanowires
2008: Large Populations of Individual Nanotubes in Surfactant-Based Dispersions without the Need for Ultracentrifugation

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