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Blanc, Christophe

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Blanc, C.;   Blanc, Ch.


Anglaret, Eric;   Antonova, Krassimira;   Appell, Jacqueline;   Cabuil, Valerie;   Collet, Andre;   Dieudonne, Philippe;   Dieudonné, Philippe;   Grimaldi, Antoine;   Guari, Yannick;   Guérin, Christian;   Hartmann, Patrice C.;   Kleman, Maurice;   Larionova, Joulia;   Lelidis, Ioannis;   Man, Michel Wong Chi;   Martin, Jean-Luc;   Maugey, Maryse;   Monge, Sophie;   Nespoulous, Mathieu;   Nobili, Maurizio;   Parella, Teodor;   Phou, Ty;   Pleixats, Roser;   Porte, Gregoire;   Poulin, Philippe;   Quilliet, Catherine;   Robin, Jean-Jacques;   Sanseau, Olivier;   Tokarev, Alexei;   Toquer, Guillaume;   Trilla, Montserrat;   Viguier, Michel;   Zakri, Cécile;   Zamora-Ledezma, Camilo;   Zuodar, Nadia

Publication Titles

1996: Evidence of a phenomenon of epitaxy at the interface between a lamellar L.alpha. phase and a L3 sponge
1999: On the shapes of lamellar droplets in sponge phase
1999: The interface between the lamellar and the sponge phases
2000: The curvature walls in lyotropic lamellar phases
2000: Tiling the plane with noncongruent toric focal conic domains
2001: Measurement of the anisotropy of the energy of an isotropic-smectic interface in a smectic cylinder: Application to the L3-L interface
2002: Role of the Microscopic Defects in the Plasticity of Smectic Materials
2002: The Confinement of Smectics : Some Geometrical Features
2004: Acrylic monomers and polymers with perfluoroalkylated biphenyl side groups: Synthesis and phase transitions
2004: Defect dynamics in a smectic Grandjean-Cano wedge
2007: Lyotropic Structures in a Thermotropic Liquid Crystal
2007: Synthesis via ATRP and Anchoring Properties of Ammonium-Terminated Monofunctional or Telechelic Polystyrenes
2007: Ultraweak azimuthal anchoring of a nematic liquid crystal on a planar orienting photopolymer
2008: Anisotropic Thin Films of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes from Aligned Lyotropic Nematic Suspensions
2008: Colloidal Shape Controlled by Molecular Adsorption at Liquid Crystal Interfaces
2008: Ionic Liquid Crystals Based on Mesitylene-Containing Bis- and Trisimidazolium Salts
2009: Toward Organization of Cyano-Bridged Coordination Polymer Nanoparticles within an Ionic Liquid Crystal
2010: Orientational quenched disorder of a nematic liquid crystal


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