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Blanco, C.

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Blanc, C.


Bermejo, J.;   Bonhomme, J.;   Edie, D.;   Fernandez-Pousa, Carlos R.;   Fleurot, O.;   Menendez, R.;   Moreno, Ignacio S.;   Santamaria, R.

Publication Titles

1997: A novel method for mesophase separation
1999: Contribution of the isotropic phase to the rheology of partially anisotropic coal-tar pitches
1999: Microstructure and properties of pitch-based carbon composites
2000: A comparative study of air-blown and thermally treated coal-tar pitches
2000: Separation and characterization of the isotropic phase and co-existing mesophase in thermally treated coal-tar pitches
2003: Characterization of the polarization properties of a liquid crystal modulator based on a generalized Jones matrix


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J. Microsc. (Oxford), 196, 213
Proc. SPIE-Int. Soc. Opt. Eng., 4829, 332

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