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Blake, Antony B.

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Blake, A.B.


Chipperfield, John R.;   Clark, Stephen;   Hussain, Wasif;   Nelson, Peter G.;   Paschke, Reinhard;   Sinn, Ekkehard

Publication Titles

1991: Mesogenic properties of copper(II) complexes formed from -substituted -dialdehydes and -diketones
1995: Effects of Ligand Substituents (F for H; OR for R) on Mesogenic Properties of M(Salen) Derivatives (M = Cu, Ni, VO). New Fluoro-Substituted Complexes and Crystal Structure of the Mesogen Ni(5-hexylSalen)
1995: Structure-mesophase relationships in dialdehyde and related complexes of copper(II) and oxovanadium(IV)

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