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Bladon, P.

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Bladon, Peter


Cates, M.E.;   Frenkel, D.;   Griffin, Anselm C.;   Liu, H.;   Terentjev, E.M.;   Warner, M.

Publication Titles

1992: Biaxial effects in nematic comblike polymers
1993: Elasticity of nematic networks and nematic effects in conventional rubbers
1993: Self-assembly in living nematics
1993: Transesterification in nematic polymers
1993: Transitions and instabilities in liquid-crystal elastomers
1994: "Soft elasticity" - deformation without resistance in liquid crystal elastomers
1994: Deformation-induced orientational transitions in liquid crystals elastomer
1994: Orientation of nematic elastomers and gels by electric fields
1994: Orientational Order in Strained Nematic Networks
1996: Simulating polymer liquid crystals


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