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Bladek, Jan

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Bladek, J.


Miszczak, Maciej;   Rostkowski, Andrzej;   Zmija, Jozef

Publication Titles

1982: Detection of organic vapors by means of cholesteric liquid crystals
1988: Parameters of the liquid crystal method of visualizing thin-layer chromatograms
1990: The application of liquid crystals to the visualization of organic substances adsorbed on thin carbon layers
1991: Characteristic features of the liquid crystal method of visualizing thin-layer chromatograms. I. Liquid crystal detector as a research instrument in thin-layer chromatography
1993: Quantitative measurement of propellant stabilizers with TLC and liquid -crystalline method of visualization
1993: The application of liquid crystals to the quantitative determination of organic compounds
1996: Liquid-crystalline detector as a research tool in thin-layer chromatography. III. Second state of chromatography
1997: Verification of thin-layer chromatography theory. Part II: The characteristics of the second, equilibrium stage of chromatographic separation


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