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Blackwood, Keith Moray

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Blackwood, K.M.;   Blackwood, Keith M.


Beattie, David Richard;   Coates, David;   Das-Gupta, Dilip Kumar;   Goodby, John William;   Hall, Alan William;   Jones, Michelle;   Lacey, David;   Phillips, Timothy Jonathan;   Pringle, Steven;   Sage, Ian Charles;   Toyne, Kenneth Johnson;   Verrall, Mark Andrew

Publication Titles

1997: Alignment of liquid crystal polymers
1997: Liquid crystal elastomers for display devices
1997: Liquid crystal polymer devices and materials
1997: Liquid crystal polymers and their application in pyroelectric, piezoelectric, electro-optical display devices, and recording media
1997: Liquid crystal polymers of photopolymerized 1,4-pentadienes
1997: Liquid crystal polymers of photopolymerized 1,5-hexadienes
1998: Liquid crystal polymers and their uses
1999: High-capacity capacitor


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