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Blackburn, John C.

Alternative Writings

Blackburn, J.C.


Khan, Saad A.;   Kilpatrick, Peter K.;   Tayal, Akash;   Walter, Theodore A.

Publication Titles

1992: Location of solubilized oil in lyotropic surfactant liquid crystalline phases and the resulting effects on phase equilibria
1992: Lyotropic liquid crystalline phase behavior and structure of cesium n-tetradecanoate-water mixtures
1992: Using deuterium NMR lineshapes to analyze lyotropic liquid crystalline phase transitions
1993: Transitional liquid crystalline phases between the hexagonal and lamellar phases in ternary cesium N-tetradecanoate-water-additive mixtures
1994: Rheological study of polycrystalline lyotropic mesophases in the cesium n-tetradecanoate-water system
1996: Electrostatic Modeling of Surfactant Liquid-Crystalline Aggregates: The Modified Poisson-Boltzmann Equation


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