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Bivas, I.

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Bivas, Isak


Aguerre-Chariol, O.;   Bothorel, P.;   Derzhanski, A.;   Genova, J.;   Hanusse, P.;   Hinov, H.P.;   Lalanne, J.;   Marinov, Y.;   Mitov, M.D.;   Petrov, A.;   Shoumarov, K.;   Vitkova, V.

Publication Titles

1979: Influence of the lengths and conformation states of hydrocarbon chains on the stability of lyotropic phases
1981: Molecular asymmetry, flexoelectricity and elasticity of nematics
1981: On the quadrupole mechanism of flexoelectricity
1981: statistical mechanical theory for hydrophobic core of lipid bilayer
1983: The dependence of the curvature elasticity moduli of a lipid bilayer on the change of the surface tension at a curving oil-water interface
1984: Elastic and flexoelectic aspects of out-of-plane fluctuations in biological and model membranes
1984: Surface tension curvature elasticity moduli and distribution of the lateral pressure along the thicknesse of the lipid membrane
1987: An application of the optical microscopy to the determination of the curvature elastic modulus of biological and model membranes
2003: A further experimental study of parallel surface-induced flexoelectric domains (PSIFED) (flexo-dielectric walls)
2003: Rubbing-induced surface textures in nematic MBBA layers and their behaviour under applied d.c. or a.c. voltages
2006: Sugars in the Aqueous Phase Change the Mechanical Properties of Lipid Mono- and Bilayers


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