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Bishop, A.R.

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Bishop, Alan R.


Abramson, G.;   Aguirre, M.A.;   Aifantis, E.C.;   Arévalo, Edward;   Bortolani, V.;   Dmitriev, S.V.;   Dvorák, V.;   Frantzeskakis, D.J.;   Fuentes, M.A.;   Gaididei, Yu.B.;   Gaididei, Yuri;   Ishibashi, Y.;   Kalosakas, G.;   Kenkre, V.M.;   Kevrekidis, I.G.;   Kevrekidis, P.G.;   Konotop, V.V.;   Levanyuk, A.P.;   Malomed, B.A.;   Malomed, Boris A.;   Maniadis, P.;   Martin, I.;   Mertens, Franz G.;   Nistazakis, H.E.;   Rapti, Z.;   Rasmussen, K.Ø.;   Reichhardt, C.;   Reichhardt, C.J.;   Röder, J.;   Saxena, Avadh;   Smerzi, A.;   Takeno, S.;   Trombettoni, A.;   Vanossi, A.;   Williams, F.L.

Publication Titles

1986: Incommensurate phases in convecting liquid crystals
1991: Multipolaron solutions of the Gross-Neveu field theory: Toda potential and doped polymers
2002: Discrete nonlinear model with substrate feedback
2002: Reply to "Comment on ‘Localized vortices with a semi-integer charge in nonlinear dynamical lattices' "
2002: Simulations in the mathematical modeling of the spread of the Hantavirus
2002: Targeted transfer of solitons in continua and lattices
2003: Coupling fields and underlying space curvature: An augmented Lagrangian approach
2003: Discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation with defects
2003: Domain walls in two-component dynamical lattices
2003: Dynamical Ordering of Driven Stripe Phases in Quenched Disorder
2003: Thermal diffusion of supersonic solitons in an anharmonic chain of atoms
2003: Underdamped commensurate dynamics in a driven Frenkel-Kontorova-type model
2004: Multipeaked polarons in soft potentials
2004: Nonlinearity from geometric interactions: A case example
2004: Rich example of geometrically induced nonlinearity: From rotobreathers and kinks to moving localized modes and resonant energy transfer
2004: Variational approach to the modulational instability


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