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Birshtein, T.M.

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Birshtein, Tatiana M.


Amoskov, V.M.;   Borisov, O.V.;   Burshtein, L.L.;   Goryunov, A.N.;   Klushin, L.I.;   Kolegov, B.I.;   Mercurieva, A.A.;   Merkur'eva, A.A.;   Merkurieva, A.A.;   Polotskiy, A.A.;   Polotsky, A.A.;   Pryamitsyn, V.A.;   Shilov, S.V.;   Skorokhodov, S.S.;   Stepanova, T.P.;   Tshernyavsky, M.N.;   Volchek, B.Z.;   Zhulina, E.B.;   Zuev, V.V.

Publication Titles

1983: Liquid-crystal state of polymers with rigid and flexible fragments alternating along the chain
1985: Phase equilibria in adiathermal solutions of rigid-chain macromolecles containing flexible segments of various length
1987: Composition-concentration diagram of superstructures of diblock copolymers
1988: Theory of athermal lyotropic liquid-crystalline systems
1991: Effect of liquid crystalline state on conformational structure of macromolecules
1991: Orientational ordering in two-dimensional athermal solutions
1991: Theory of liquid-crystalline order in solutions of rigid-chain macromolecules. Effects of intramolecular heterogeneity
1991: Thin monomolecular polymer layers as low-dimensional polymer systems
1992: Dipole moment and mutual orientation of mesogenic fragments in linear liquid - crystalline polyester in solution
1992: Liquid-crystalline ordering in two-dimensional systems with discrete symmetry
1993: Conformations of liquid-crystalline polymers with mesogenic groups in the main chain
1996: Orientational ordering in melts of conformationally labile mesogens
1998: Liquid - crystalline polymer brushes: deformation and microphase segregation
2000: Homeotropic and planar structures in liquid-crystalline polymer brushes
2001: Lyotropic LC transition in polymer brushes


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