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Binnig, G.


Buckley, J.E.;   Dai, P.;   Ehrlich, S.N.;   Gerber, Ch.;   Häberle, W.;   Hörber, H.;   Hörber, J.K.H.;   Larese, J.Z.;   Nejoh, H.;   Niksch, M.;   Ruppersberg, P.;   Smith, D.P.E.;   Taub, H.;   Wang, S.K.

Publication Titles

1989: Smectic Liquid Crystal Monolayers on Graphite Observed by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
1990: Structure, registry and imaging mechanism of alkylcyanobiphenyl molecules by tunnelling microscopy
1993: X-ray-diffraction and scanning-tunneling-microscopy studies of a liquid - crystal film adsorbed on single-crystal graphite
1994: Electric field influence on the observation of molecules with a scanning tunneling microscope

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