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Binder, K.

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Binder, Kurt


Dobrynin, A.V.;   Hilfer, R.;   Ivanov, V.A.;   Landau, D.P.;   Martemyanova, J.A.;   Milchev, Andrey;   Müller, M.;   Paul, W.;   Scheringer, M.;   Schulz, B.J.;   Stepanow, S.;   Studan, M.R.;   Vilgis, T.A.;   Weber, H.

Publication Titles

1992: Orientational ordering in lipid monolayers: A two-dimensional model of rigid rods grafted onto a lattice
1994: Monte Carlo simulation of polymeric materials
1994: Phase transitions in polymer blends and block copolymer melts: some recent developments
1995: Nucleation phenomena in polymeric systems
1995: Surface effects on polymer blends and block copolymer melts: theoretical concepts of surface enrichment, surface induced phase separation and ordering
1996: Copolymer Melts in Disordered Media
1999: Competition between liquid-crystalline ordering and glassy freezing in melts of semiflexible polymers. A Monte Carlo simulation
1999: Monte Carlo simulation of a lyotropic first-order isotropic-nematic phase transition in a lattice polymer model
2003: Avoiding boundary effects in Wang-Landau sampling
2003: Wedge filling and interface delocalization in finite Ising lattices with antisymmetric surface fields
2004: The phase diagram of a solution of rigid-chain macromolecules: a Monte Carlo simulation
2009: Conformational Changes of a Single Semiflexible Macromolecule Near an Adsorbing Surface: A Monte Carlo Simulation


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