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Billard, Jean

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Billard, J.


Beguin, Annie;   Berthault, Jean Pierre;   Canceill, Josette;   Cerne, R.;   Dahlgren, Anders;   Delhaye, Michel;   Dubois, Jean-Claude;   Dvolaitzky, Maya;   Flatischler, Kurt;   Gabard, Jacqueline;   Goscianski, Michel;   Jacques, Jean;   Lagerwall, Sven T.;   Le Barny, Pierre;   Le Barre, Serge;   Leclercq, Martine;   Louis, Gerard;   Luz, Zeev;   Malthête, Jacques;   Mamlok, Lonka;   Merlin, Jean C.;   Meunier, Jean Pierre;   Otterholm, Bengt;   Peretti, Pierre;   Poldy, Franzi;   Pontikis, Vassilis;   Poupko, Raphi;   Thirant, Lydie;   Urbach, Wladimir Z.;   Vergoten, Gerard;   Warenghem, Marc;   Zimmermann, Herbert

Publication Titles

1965: Propagation of plane electromagnetic waves in a nematic helicoidal layer
1967: Application of differential enthalpic microanalysis to mesomorphic substances
1967: Electromagnetic waves, not satisfying the Airy conditions, can propagaten helicoidal nematic films
1967: Nematic phase at room temperature
1968: Cholesteric compounds [obtained] by resolution of racemic nematic compounds
1968: Faces of a smectic phase [of diethylene glycol laurate]
1969: Separation of nematic racemates into two cholesteric antipodes
1970: Mesomorphic substances. II. Substituted arylidene amino-cinnamates
1971: Low-frequency Raman spectra of N-(p-methoxybenzylidine) p-butylaniline
1971: Nematic tolans
1972: Mesomorphic phases and their identification
1972: Rapid microdiagnostics of the torsion direction of mesomorphic phases
1972: Smectic-C phases
1973: Mesomorphic substances. III. Nematic tolans
1974: Mesomorphogenic free radicals
1974: Microscopic polarimetric methods in nematic solvent
1975: Existence of smectic type F and G phases
1975: Mesomorphic derivatives of dihydrophenanthrene
1975: Substituted tolanes
1976: Mesomorphic derivatives of ferrocene
1977: Effect of the chiral solute structure on the helicity induced in a nematic solvent
1978: Mesophases of cyclohexane derivatives
1980: The mesophases and their orientation by solid surfaces
1981: Twist of a reentrant cholesteric mesophase
1982: Facies of certain smectics B
1983: Biphenylyl benzoate derivatives
1983: Chiral columnar mesogens
1984: Both columnar and layered discophase
1984: Photoacoustic detection of phase transitions in a mesogen
1984: Some new Thermotropic Discogens
1986: Identification of the liquid crystal phases of some chiral Schiff bases
1986: Pyramidal liquid crystals
1987: Cubic nonchiral thermotropic mesophases
1998: Some remarks on the evolution of research into the structures of mesogens and mesophases


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