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Bilgin-Eran, Belkiz

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Bilgin-Eran, B.


Baumeister, Ute;   Diele, Siegmar;   Keith, C.;   Nesrullajev, A.;   Ocak, H.;   Ocak, Hale;   Pelzl, Gerhard;   Prehm, M.;   Prehm, Marko;   Tschierske, Carsten;   Yasa, Ö.;   Yörür, C.;   Yörür, Çigdem

Publication Titles

2002: Fluoroalkylated Discotic Metallomesogens
2002: Synthesis and Mesomorphism of Mesogenic Salicylideneamines with Fluorocarbon Chains and their Metal Complexes
2006: Fluoroalkylated mononuclear ortho-metallated mesogens: new molecules at the calamitic-discotic cross-over point
2006: Synthesis and mesomorphism of fluoroalkylated organometallic mesogens
2007: Liquid crystals based on semiperfluorinated imines and salicylaldimato metal complexes. A comparative study of alkyl, alkoxy and polyether substituents
2008: Resorcinol based bent-core mesogens: Influence of polar substituents and segregation effects
2008: The effect of a chiral moiety on the mesomorphic properties of unsymmetrical bent-core compounds containing silicon units
2008: Thermo-morphological properties of the smectic C* mesophase in new chiral salicyaldimine liquid crystals
2009: Effect of fluorocarbon chains on the mesomorphic properties of chiral imines and their complexes with copper(II)
2009: Mesomorphism of unsymmetrical bent-core compounds with chiral moiety and siloxane end groups
2009: The effect of chiral tail on the mesomorphic properties of bananashaped molecules
2009: The influence of alkoxy chain length on the mesomorphic properties of banana-shaped molecules with chiral moiety


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