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Bilewicz, Renata

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Bilewicz, R.


Brigaud, Thierry;   El Moujahid, Chaouki;   Foulard, Gaëlle;   Glaz, Lukasz;   Hamidi, Atimad;   Korytkowska, Agnieszka;   Krowczynski, Adam;   Miclo, Andre;   Pociecha, Damian;   Portella, Charles;   Rogalska, Ewa;   Ropers, Marie-Helene;   Rowinski, Pawel;   Stebe, Marie-Jose;   Stébé, Marie-José;   Szydlowska, Jadwiga

Publication Titles

2000: Formation and properties of Langmuir and Gibbs monolayers: a comparative study using hydrogenated and partially fluorinated amphiphilic derivatives of mannitol
2001: Fluorinated and hydrogenated cubic phases as matrices for immobilisation of cholesterol oxidase on electrodes
2003: Diffusion of hydrophilic probes in bicontinuous lipidic cubic phase
2008: Mesogenic binuclear oxamide derivatives with discotic and calamitic properties

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