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Bihannic, Isabelle

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Bihannic, I.


Baravian, Christophe;   Davidson, Patrick;   Duval, Jérôme F.L.;   Fayard, Barbara;   Funari, Sergio S.;   Labille, Jerome;   Lartiges, Bruno S.;   Levitz, Pierre;   Maddi, Solange;   Michot, Laurent J.;   Mougel, Julien;   Moyne, Christian;   Porsch, Katharina;   Salome, Murielle;   Susini, Jean;   Thomas, Fabien;   Vantelon, Delphine

Publication Titles

2001: First Direct Visualization of Oriented Mesostructures in Clay Gels by Synchrotron-Based X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy
2004: Phase Diagrams of Wyoming Na-Montmorillonite Clay. Influence of Particle Anisotropy
2006: Liquid-crystalline aqueous clay suspensions
2009: Sol-Gel and Isotropic/Nematic Transitions in Aqueous Suspensions of Natural Nontronite Clay. Influence of Particle Anisotropy. 2. Gel Structure and Mechanical Properties

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