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Bigue, Laurent

Alternative Writings

Bigue, L.;   Bigué, Laurent

Similar Names

Bigué, L.


Ambs, Pierre;   Cheney, Nicolas;   Foulonneau, Alban;   Gendre, Luc;   Hueber, Eric;   Jaulin, Albéric;   Millán, María S.;   Otón, Joaquín

Publication Titles

2004: Cell-oriented vs. point-oriented techniques in diffractive optical element design: towards a definitive comparison
2004: Implementation of diffractive optical elements onto liquid crystal devices
2006: Implementation of a high-speed imaging polarimeter using a liquid crystal ferroelectric modulator
2007: High-speed portable polarimeter using a ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator
2007: Spatial Light Modulators For Information Processing: Applications And Overview
2008: Correction of erroneous degree of polarization of moving objects in a video sequence


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