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Bignozzi, Maria Chiara

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Bignozzi, M.C.;   Bignozzi, Maria C.


Angeloni, Annino S.;   Angeloni, Annino Sante;   Chiellini, Emo;   Fagnani, Marco;   Francescangeli, Oriano;   Galli, Giancarlo;   Incicco, Luca;   Laus, Michele;   Serhatli, Ersin I.;   Wolff, Dietmar;   Yagci, Yusuf

Publication Titles

1993: Block copolymers with crystalline and side-chain liquid crystalline blocks
1993: Side-chain liquid - crystalline alternating copolymers of mesogenic monomers: synthesis and properties
1994: Hybrid thermotropic liquid-crystalline block copolymers
1994: Semiflexible liquid-crystalline polyesters based on twin bis(p-oxybenzoyl) units. Part 1. Effect of spacer length on mesomorphic behavior
1994: Synthesis and thermal behavior of liquid-crystalline block copolymers containing both main-chain and side-chain mesomorphic blocks
1995: Hybrid liquid-crystalline block copolymers. I. Synthesis and mesomorphic behavior of polyester-polymethacrylate block copolymers
1995: Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of azobenzene-containing poly(vinyl ether)s with narrow molar mass distribution
1996: Hybrid liquid-crystalline block copolymers. II. X-ray diffraction analysis of polyester-polymethacrylate block copolymers
1996: Liquid Crystalline Poly(vinyl ether)s and Block Copoly(vinyl ether)s by Living Cationic Polymerization
1999: Liquid crystal poly(glycidyl ether)s by anionic polymerization and polymer-analogous reaction


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